About us

The aim of the projects is to provide Russian and foreign companies with comfortable conditions and provide a comprehensive individual service in conducting international trade operations related to Russia.

Today, MultiBuyer is a professional business provider that renders management services for export-import operations and foreign economic activities carried out on the territory of Russia and the countries of the Customs Union.


provide services to foreign companies which are interested in developing the Russian market, and to Russian companies that want to start or expand their sales channels abroad, without opening their own subsidiaries, branches or representative offices, using the MultiBuyer trade and logistics platform — the infrastructure of a neutral foreign trade business provider and its partners.

assume the tasks of a professional agent in the implementation of international trade operations

are engaged in management, outsourcing and consulting in the field of IMPEX, logistics and related services

carry out marketing researches, Development of procurement sources and search for buyers of products and goods

organize the sale and distribution of goods during the import to Russia or export from Russia.

MultiBuyer provides sharing services in the projects Selling to Russia and Buying in Russia.

Foreign companies interested in developing the Russian market and expanding sales channels without opening their own subsidiaries, branches or representative offices in Russia can use the trade and logistics platform of MultiBuyer, which acts as a independent import-export business provider, to expand international trade operations and supplies related to Russia quickly, with minimal expenditures connected with their own infrastructure.

In turn, on behalf of Russian customers and companies-residents of the Customs Union, MultiBuyer solves the problems of their supply of raw materials, components, equipment and goods from Europe, Asia, countries of North and South America.

Also, MultiBuyer promotes Russian-made products by providing search for potential buyers outside of Russia and the Customs Union, establishing export deliveries through an authorized agent and importer on a foreign territory.

MultiBuyer sharing offers a personalized service and helps companies to focus on key business areas

If international procurement and foreign economic activity become routine for You

If Your amount of import or export operations is insignificant compared to purchases or deliveries on the domestic market

If You need to do a lot of work with a foreign or Russian counterparty to coordinate the project

If import of products to Russia or their export from Russia requires obtaining permits 

MultiBuyer is ready:

to become your personal business provider on the territory of Russia and the countries of the Customs Union, to provide the required result with payment for the service within the agreed contractual terms, to create an opportunity to use the experience of our experts in the interests of your company.

to provide you with a complete set of necessary agency, commercial and related services in the field of supply chain management of the customer, conducting its export-import operations and organizing client’s international trade.

to transfer part of the necessary work and services to economically profitable outsourcing, to transfer part of fixed costs to variables, to reduce investment in the creation and to maintenance of your own infrastructure.