Buying Center

Buying Center

Searching for Russian suppliers and organization of purchasing of products, components and raw materials in Russia

For foreign manufacturing companies and their representative offices

purchasng from Russian suppliers of raw materials, materials and components

For foreign trading companies and their representative offices

thinking about procurements of products on the territory of Russia

The set of individual services for foreign companies interested in purchasing in Russia may include the following services:

Express marketing research

in a certain segment with the identification of the main sellers and the characteristics of the commodities in which the Client is interested

Searching for interested suppliers

of Russian raw materials, components, semi-finished products or other products in accordance with the requirements and conditions of the customer with minimal outlays for business trips to Russia


with interested Russian suppliers about procurements on the territory of Russia in the interests of the foreign buyer, improving their efficiency and speed of conducting negotiations

Verification of the Russian counterparty

for the phased launch of the project and the ability to scale the best practices tested in the first project

Export integrator

combining goods for several procurement projects in order to optimize logistics schemes and document flow during the export of Russian products to various countries

Transfers fixed costs

for the preparation and implementation of the export project into variable costs, without outlays on additional staff

Gets a quick start

новых проектов и профессиональную команду, которая использует свои компетенции и наработки в интересах заказчика

By using the Buying Center service our Client:

Searching for suppliers and organization of export deliveries

We provide a full range of services for the organization of export deliveries in accordance with the requests and according to the specified technical parameters of various products:

Raw materials, components

Beverages and food

Semi-finished products

Equipment and accessories

Hardware supplies and homeware

Other products

Consulting support

of export transactions (support of a lawyer,  financial accountant, export-import specialist,  logistics specialist, customs clearance specialist,  interpreter and insurance agent)

Neutral importer service

for sales on the local market in the target country abroad and the ability to support export-import deliveries as an Exporter-Agent of the Customer in Russia

Guarantees and conditions

fixed by the contractual terms — a transparent costs structure, a pre-agreed cost of services and the amount of agency fee

Advantages of the service Buying Center

Professional experts

Our experts who can speak foreign languages, with experience in procurement and export-import deliveries in Russia, become part of your team for the duration of the project

Experience and knowledge

Our experience and knowledge gained during the implementation of similar projects create additional benefits for your international trading operations

Responsible work

Responsible and proactive work of a team that speaks different foreign languages and provides individual service


Procurements even from Russian suppliers that do not implement export-import

Logistics development

Developing reliable and efficient logistics for the export supply chain

Verification of Russian suppliers

Audit of Russian suppliers for business reputation and financial stability

Respect for confidentiality

Compliance with all legal aspects of intellectual property and non-disclosure of confidential information of the Customer

Accessibility and transparency

Our range of services in the field of international trade and logistics is accessible and transparent to all interested community

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