Operation procurement on behalf of Russian manufacturers

Supply chain management and advantages of cooperation with MRO-Integrator

Supply chain management service and IMPEX-Supplier product from MRO-Integrator for Russian manufacturing enterprises

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WHERE procurements of imported spare parts and consumables have :

One-time, seasonal, or uneven features

Large international geography and long term production of orders

Low cost in comparison with the company’s turnover, but divert the company’s labor resources

IF procurements which are made from foreign suppliers 

Become routine, and there is not enough qualified staff

Require a complicated and large internal document flow


The production unit uses a lot of local or foreign brands’ equipment, including those which are not represented in Russia

Local distributors do not have the necessary stocks of spare parts and materials in warehouses or there is need in components that are removed from production

Dealers in Russia keep high prices and uncomfortable payment terms

What do we do as MRO-Integrator

We remove extra workload

  • from purchasing departments
  • from procurement, export-import and logistics departments
  • from financial and law departments

The customer receives

  • outsourcer that complies with the Customer’s procurement strategy
  • An one approved and controlled business provider-agregator working with a large number of suppliers in MRO and indirect purchasing
  • Potential application of the «open book» principle with an ageed «management fee»
  • transfer a part of the fixed personel expense into variable costs

We provide procurement of manufacturing units with

  • goods of indirect purchases
  • components, spare parts, tools and equipment for the support and to carry out MRO supply of production lines

On the basis of one-time or long-term, framework or under the order

  • supply agreements
  • agency agreements
  • sale agreements
  • invoices for specification

Additionally, it can be carried out:

  • search for optimal Suppliers according to the specified technical parameters and product description – the choice of the Manufacturer for placing the order for the supply of the provided analytical material is carried out by the Customer
  • maintenance of the insurance stock in the warehouse in accordance with the requirements of the Customer

The service IMPEX-Supplier and cooperation with MRO-Integrator

1. Optimize

the work of the supply, logistics, export-import, logistics and procurement departments

2.  Reduce

fixed costs for the maintenance of similar services of enterprises

3. Solve urgent and time-consuming tasks

– in purchasing and supplying

– as soon as possible 

– without additional own staff 

– with minimal administrative costs

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