Distribution in Russia and abroad

For foreign companies

planning to bring their products to the Russian market without investing in their own infrastructure

For Russian exporters

expanding sales in new countries and regions by using a foreign company as an authorized distributor

The set of individual services for the organization of distribution in Europe and other foreign markets of Russian-made products includes a set of the following individual services:

Identification of target markets, countries and regions

for Russian-made products and conducting express marketing research in the segment and region of interest abroad

Creating a selling website

on foreign language for an authorized distributor abroad

Modification and approval of packaging

and technical documentation for certification and sales of Russian products on foreign markets

Preparation and implementation of certification

in accordance with the standards and requirements of the countries of destination for the distribution of Russian products on the foreign market

Preparation of permits

in Russia for export sales to target foreign regions

Participation in foreign exhibitions

comprehensive and partial preparatory work for participation in foreign exhibitions, invitation of potential buyers to the exhibition stand, organization of negotiations

Advertising campaigns

in target foreign markets — contextual advertising, SMM and SEO promotion of Russian products, sales through foreign marketplaces, participation in tender procedures

Development of optimal logistics

for the delivery of products to the target countries of the far and near abroad

Services of a foreign distributor

on behalf of an authorized foreign company in Europe for further sales of Russian products in foreign markets, opening branches and companies in other regions

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Receive the services of an authorized importer

for the import of products to the territory of Russia, registration of all permits and certification of imported goods in accordance with Technical Regulations

Become closer to Russian customers

and sell goods in rubles with the provision of all necessary documentation in accordance with the current legislation and to have insurance stocks of products in Russia

Distribution of foreign products on the territory of Russia together with us allows a foreign non-resident company to :

Get a quick start

for new projects with the transfer of fixed costs and investments to variable costs with the support of a professional team

Reduce costs

by optimizing logistics schemes and concepts for international deliveries and distribution in Russia

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Organization of distribution in Russia for foreign non-resident enterprises and for Russian exporters abroad

Without investing in its own infrastructure, within an agreed strategy and on the basis of approved business plans for the following product categories:

Raw materials and semi-finished products

Beverages and food

Components and spare parts

Equipment and accessories

Home, leisure and sports goods

Other products

Consulting support

of export transactions (support of a lawyer, financial accountant, export-import specialist, logistics specialist, customs clearance specialist, interpreter and insurance agent)

Neutral importer service

for sales on the local market in the target country abroad and the ability to support export-import deliveries as an Exporter-Agent of the Customer in Russia

Guarantees and conditions

fixed by the contractual terms — a transparent costs structure, a pre-agreed cost of services and the amount of agency fee

ADVANTAGES of distribution in Russia for foreign companies and for Russian exporters abroad WITH US:

Professional experts

Our experts become part of your team for the duration of the project

Experience and knowledge

Our experience and knowledge create additional benefits for your international trading operations

Responsible work

Responsible and proactive work of a team that speaks different foreign languages and provides individual service


Preparation of a unique and high-quality advertising campaign to find buyers on foreign markets

Logistics development

Development of reliable and efficient logistics for the export supply chain

Verification of acquirer

Checking foreign acquirers for business reputation and financial stability

Respect for confidentiality

Compliance with all legal aspects of intellectual property and non-disclosure of confidential information of the Customer

Accessibility and transparency

Our range of services in the field of international trade and logistics is accessible and transparent to all interested community

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