Specialists of our company carry out consulting in the field of:

Logistics, IMPEX, Customs Clearance, Permits, Supply Chain Management

Russian manufacturers which are interested in the search for foreign raw materials, components and in the procurement of high-tech products and equipment of foreign production units

Russian importers searching for foreign products for their further sale on the territory of Russia and the Customs Union


during preparation of all necessary accompanying goods and transport documents and permits for the import of foreign equipment, goods and materials to the territory of Russia

Search and selection

of suppliers for Russian trade and manufacturing companies in Europe, North America and Southeast Asia, as well as in other regions for subsequent import to Russia

We render our service on behalf of Client’s order


about IMPEX, in the field of civil, international and customs law, currency regulation


of express marketing researches, preparation of databases of foreign suppliers and manufacturers in the segment and country of interest

Cost reduction

in the supply chains of Customers and in the procurement of products that form the overhead costs of enterprises

Customs analytics

determination of HS codes, the amount of customs duties and payments for the import and export of products, prohibitions and restrictions, statistics on importers and exporters of products of interest

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